12-05-2014 Friday Again

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

It’s another Friday. I’ll likely wait until tomorrow before heading home. I might just take the weekend off and stay up here.  I might visit the museum and garden with my camera.  I would hate to miss out on a weekend with Michèle, but the drive gets old really fast.

Someone has been trolling pictures on my blog. Every time I see that kind of activity, I always hope its one of you two. Please leave a comment anywhere.  I’ll see it and respond.

I still have your Christmas presents I bought for you 8 years ago. They are wrapped and under the tree same as every year since I last saw you. One day, I will get to see you open them.  It’s been long enough, I’ll let you open them even if it’s not Christmas.

Until then, I’ll be waiting.


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