12-16-2014 Letter to Mary

Dear Mary,

I know you used the money from the arrears to move. I have a good idea where you are.  Please don’t continue this paranoid behavior. It only creates more damage.

I’m in Oklahoma City working and paying the bills. I commute to my home in Richardson every weekend.  I’m not hiding.  I’m not coming after you.  I just wish you would end this ruse of pretending I’m a “bad guy”.

I’m sure you went to great extremes to protect your location, but there is always a trace.  I’ve known your location for years, but never came after you or the kids. Haven’t you figured it out yet?  I just want to be a father to Joseph and Lucia. That’s the whole reason I started this blog.  I only want them to know that I’ve been waiting for them.  And the longer you try to “protect” them, the deeper the damage you are creating.

Oh, come on Mary!!! Stop this and just let me talk to my children.


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