12-26-2014 Another Christmas Done

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

It was a wonderful time with the girls yesterday.  We opened presents and had a great meal of Fondue.  I made sure everyone had plenty of presents (including myself).  I got Michèle and I matching FitBits.  Hopefully, I start getting back into better health.  The girls both got a full set of sweaters, scarves, and pajamas.  And of course there were gift certificates and cash accordingly so they can get whatever they wanted.

I had fun with a present to Michèle.  I repeated the clue hunt from limericks.  I’ll post them all below.  She had a blast doing them. She had to find printed clues I hid around the house while she was still asleep.  This is a very helpful way to deal with large presents that are near impossible to wrap.  In this case it was a pillow with arm rests so I can server her breakfast in bed.

Maybe I can do the same for you one day.  Until them, I’ll wait.



There are things that are planned that never get done
There are toys bought that never get won
When mixing a rhyme
Always take time
To look under items fun.

Under Mixer

Mixing the brew might seem easy
Stirring a bigger pot can be breezy
The switch is controlled
And always polled
It’s eventually going to get sleezy.

Pump Switch

The pool was a simple find
The next will need brine
Just follow your nose
Neighbors will always impose
Just be careful not to burn the rind.


Since we’ve cooked outside tonight
Let’s turn our sights inside
We radiate the meat
While turning up the heat
I’m afraid this one won’t hide


You’ve done well on your search
The last is in a lurch
You loan your clothes
But never find those
Only one place left to find them

Mel’s Closet

You searched far and wide
Many places to hide
Now rest your head
And lay down in bed
It’s time to let not rhyme anymore and just lay down in bed

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