01-16-2015 Finally Friday

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

My second blog is turning out to be quite popular. It’s a place where I can write about the troubles I go through without having to share them with you two.  This should only be a place that I share my daily life with you guys.  It deals with parental alienation syndrome.  That’s happens when one parent (the alienator)  talks bad about the other parent (the target) to a point where the children don’t want to be in contact with the target parent. That is pretty much what happened to us.  If you ever want to read more about my perspective, you can read my postings at http://livinglifebetter.wordpress.com.

My office mate gave me an idea of what to say to you today.  “I wish you were here.” That sums up how I feel today. I have the honor to share an office with a good man.  Further, I work with some very good people all around me. They support me. At times, it’s very helpful.

So, until we see each other again, I’ll be waiting.


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