01-19-2015 Back to Work

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

After putting away all the presents and ornaments, the house looked like normal again.  I won’t lie to you… all the Christmas stuff was too much for me.  Maybe I’ll enjoy the spirit of the season more if I can share part of it with you two. Until then, I suspect I’ll always lean towards the Grinch side.

Michèle has helped a lot over the past weeks.  With her help, I’m in touch with a few groups that focus on Parental Alienation. I know I’ve already told you, but it is very helpful for me to share with other people how I feel and what I’m going through without you in my life. I keep hoping to see another “ping” from Woodville. That was such an exciting moment.  Please reach out. I know you would love Michèle and your two sisters.

I miss you both so much and am waiting for you.


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