04-22-2015 Hump Day

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

We are midway through another week. I suppose you guys are gearing up for standardized tests and the end of another school year. I wonder what you have planned for this summer. I hope you both go on a great adventure that you will remember.

It’s still too cold for us to open the pool. Michèle and I are still battling all the leaves and blossoms that seem to gravitate into the pool. Melynda will be coming back to Dallas for the summer. I doubt she’ll stay with us. She has an internship where she’ll stay with the boss. Rachael is doing fine. She had prom last weekend. I have my tickets booked for the Amtrak train this weekend. It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve been home.

So that’s an update to everything going on. I have a busy day of troubleshooting in front of me. One of the test cells is misbehaving. So on I go.  I’m still waiting for you to reply one day.


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