04-29-2015 Happy Hump Day

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Sorry for the delay in letters. Life has gotten hectic at work with several bugs popping up. I had to get my hands dirty and dig into some of the hardware switching out a chassis. Sadly, that didn’t fix the problem. I eventually switched out the data acquisition system and it finally started to behave properly.

I went to the doctor this week and found I’ve lost another 5 pounds. I’d like to say that I’m consciously dieting, but I’m not. My stress level has been in high gear and my appetite is non-existent. I hope to get back to a manageable weight by the time one of you reaches out to me. You’d likely not recognize me currently. But overall I got a good pass from my doctor. Many of my symptoms are lessening and my meetings with the psychiatrist are helping me emotionally. I miss you both so much it requires this kind of treatment and medications just to get through the day. But I’m getting better. I think it all boils down to what I CAN do and what I CAN’T. All I CAN do is write you letters and wait for you to reach out.


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