05-11-2015 Your Uncle’s Birthday

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

May is full of significant days. Today is your Uncle Martin’s birthday. We haven’t always gotten along, but he is my brother. Out of my core family I had growing up, he’s the only member I have left. So, I sent him a message. I hope he enjoys the day.

I had a quiet weekend. The storms weren’t nearly as bad as predicted. They were worse in Texas. I’m glad I didn’t make the drive. I finally had time to unpack all my bags and hang up all my clothes and sort my room out.  I even enjoyed a few films. I went to see the Avengers (again) and enjoyed it more this time now I knew what to watch for. I sure wish I could share that with you two. All the comic book movies that have come out… I read all of them when I was your age. I have a huge digital collection that I’ll share with you one day when you guys are ready.

I’m back at work today and having a hard time with my experiments.  The test cell just isn’t wanting to stay stable.  I haven’t cooked anything (yet).  It’s just frustrating trying to squeeze a test in before it goes out of whack. There’s an old timer here (Joe) that’s been trying to help out, but he’s given up.  There just isn’t enough load on the system for my control algorithms to work.

Sorry for all the geek talk and complaining. Just sharing a part of my life with you. I hope you will get to read all these letters one day. Until then, I’ll wait.


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