05-21-2015 Dad’s car

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I took Dad’s car to get cleaned today. After he died, my other brothers agreed I should inherit it given that I was driving an old beater. It’s a 2005 Dodge Stratus. I am very grateful. It’s great on the gas mileage and looks nice. But it rides so close to the ground, I wonder how my 80 year old dad got in and out of it so easily. I can only imagine him laughing at me from heaven every time I grown climbing in and out of it.

Every other week I take it to get cleaned, vacuumed and touched up. Maybe one day it will be a car you can inherit from me.

I just got back to work after a nice wash. It’s nice having clean things in your life. Ever since your mother made her allegations, I’ve tried to keep my life as clean as possible. It’s really hard living with that kind of stain on your record. Lucia, I sure hope you ask me or Michèle about it one day. You’ll hear the whole story. It makes my heart ache thinking you are under the perception that I’m a “bad man” and you are afraid of me.

I’m sorry for getting so serious. Just know I’m waiting to give you answers to your questions.


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