06-15-2015 The Weekend

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I haven’t written in several days. My time on the weekends is taken up with a lot of time with Michele and the girls. On Saturday, Melynda came over with a broken phone. Rachael’s was already broken. So that meant an afternoon at the phone repair shop. We fixed them both up properly and they are both happy with the results. At least it didn’t resort to new phones.

Afterwards, Michele took them to Target for new protective cases. I opted out for this part of the adventure. Mel got some food for her new place and Rach got some candy which was eaten all that night. We also got to Skype with your Nana in Belgium. It was a nice evening. We finished it off with a heated debate about the law and racism in the back garden as the sun set. A good time held by all.

Sunday morning, Michele asked me what we should do for the day. I suggested addressing the garage. Since the water heater went out last week we’ve had a bunch of stuff just piled in the middle of the garage with possible water damage. Well… I should have known better. Not only did we clean everything up, but we reorganized EVERYTHING. (uhg)

We finished the day off with a relaxing swim in the pool in the rain.

So there you have it. A full recap of the weekend. I just dropped Michele off at the airport for a business trip. I have a friend that needs computer help for his mother. My day is filled.

Who knows what’s in the future. I’m still waiting for you to find these letters.


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