06-23-2015 Father’s Day

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

On Sunday I had every intention to write to you, but just couldn’t bring myself to it. It was a very bitter sweet day. I was reminded by Michele that I’m still a dad no matter what.

Rachael and Michele got me a bar of chocolate and some pistachios.  I even got to sleep in. I took Rachael for a job interview (she got the job) and then I cooked Brats on the grill.

Overall it was a restful day. But it was half empty.  Without you two in my life I only feel like half a father.  I do my best with the girls here. They are both a handful. But I want to know what you guys are going through. Who hurt your feelings? What are your accomplishments? What are you thinking?

That’s the reason it took me this long to write this letter. I miss you, but I’ll wait until you are ready.


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2 Responses to 06-23-2015 Father’s Day

  1. christit493 says:

    I’m curious about what’s been happening with you. It’s been nearly six months since you’ve written. Did you get a job? Have you spoken to your children? Will you see them this holiday?

    • Mark says:

      Major life changing events occured. I’m not sure if these are things to share with the kids. I got very sick but am on the mend now. I just renewed my URL so I might start writing soon.

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