April 10, 2018 – Just another update

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Last August I wrote you about my adventures as a contractor at SpaceX.  At the time I was hoping for an extension to the contract.  Well, that did happen.  And then in January of this year, I was converted to a permanent full-time employee.  It was an honor considering they actually had to create a position for me.  Until now, there haven’t been any non-degreed programmers in the company.  So my official title is Software Specialist.  The work has been fantastic.  I still have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure this is real.  This is the dream job.  I work hard every day to make sure I stay here and don’t slip up.

It is a bit of a bummer that the work has me living in Waco during the week.  I only go home to Michele and Rachael on the weekends.  But, it makes for some really fun times together when I’m home.  Besides, I’m never bored during the week.  Work takes up almost all my time.  In the evenings I can relax and play with Lego’s and watch all the science fiction movies and bad re-runs I want.

Michele is doing very well at her job too.  Since last time I wrote, she’s been promoted to Director at her hotel in Frisco. She’s a big-wig now.  I’m still not sure why she puts up with me, but I’m grateful she does.  Racheal is doing well also.  She’s gone back to school and is working two part time jobs.  She still lives at home, but is helping out a lot and picks up the slack for me not being around during the week.  Melynda is off on her own and has been for a while.  We are very proud of her.  She’s getting her degree this fall and is already working full time in advertising.  She stops by occasionally and stirs it up around the house.

As I mentioned in my last letter, even though I don’t write to you as often as I used to, it doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking about you guys.  Not a day goes by that I don’t have conversations with both of you in my head and pray for your well-being.  I’m comforted to know Lucia is still in Woodville and doing well with her grades.  Joseph, I only wish I knew where you were going to school.  I have no intention of intruding into your life.  As an adult, it is always your decision when to reach out to me if you ever want.  Just know, I’m not the monster you have been told I am.  Just read all these letters.  If you doubt them, reach out to Michele or Rachael or Melynda.  They are all on Facebook and can be contacted.  I’m sure any one of them would be glad to answer any questions you might have.  Both of you are loved dearly by a whole family you’ve never met.  Please don’t miss out on that. (oh, and if you happen to be dating Joseph Allen Randel or Mary Lucia Randel and am reading this out of curiosity… please share this with them)

Ok. Enough with me being pushy.  I’ll be patient and wait as always.


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