2018-6-9 Summer Break

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Summer time is in full bloom and this looks like its going to be a busy summer. I already started it off with an extended holiday weekend on Memorial Day and my birthday.  We all had fun.  What better way to spend my 51st birthday than to go see the latest Star Wars movie.  We also went down to Waco together and hung out at my former boss’s country pond where there was a lot of swimming, gun shooting, and star gazing after the sunset.  But the funnest time was spent re-organizing my comic book collection. I’m a little odd like that.

Next weekend I’ve got tickets to go see Monte Montgomery play live.  He’s a fantastic guitarist out of Austin.  He never got that big or famous so it’s not a big venue which is fine with me. It’s going to be more like a small dinner theatre.  And for my birthday, Michele got us tickets to see Fleetwood Mac in Austin… next FEBRUARY!  Oh well.  I can wait.  But that should be fun.  I know almost all their older songs since I’ve been singing along with their music since I can remember.

Work is going well.  I’m finding my place within the group and making friends.  I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing a Hawaiian shirt everyday. For me, it’s like every day is a day at the beach.  My desk has plenty of Lego projects including a scale model of the Apollo Saturn V rocket and big foam Hulk hands.  But all fun aside, I’m enjoying the work.  I end up getting all the work that everyone else hates, which is fine with me.  A lot of it is very repetitive and meticulous requiring focus and NO MISTAKES.  In a way, I get the same gratification as when organizing comics.  I’m slowly taking something messy and making it right. And the perk of getting to watch rocket engines test firing right outside my window is amazing.

Well,  I need to get around and start getting some chores done around the house.  That lawn isn’t going to mow itself.  I hope you both plan to have a wonderful summer break.  Spend it with friends. Enjoy yourselves.  My greatest wish for both of you is that you can find peace and happiness in life. I think that is the most precious gift God can give us in this life.

So, until next time, I’ll still wait for you.  I’m always here with answers to your questions.


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