How to Root a Samsung Infuse 4G

Before I go any further with anything, I must express that you are voiding the manufacturer’s warantee by rooting your phone.  If you are already here and know what you’re getting yourself into go ahead.  Secondly, the following process is verified to work with the stock model.  I’m still playing with the new Gingerbread release and so far, this isn’t rooting.  If you’ve upgraded as of 2.2.2012, don’t use this process.  I’ll post something as soon as I know it.  In the end, if you are still running the stock Froyo 2.2 version that came with your phone… THIS WORKS.

In the mean time…  I’ve already posted a how-to on getting your phone back to stock.  Please read that and download everything it needs just in case something goes wrong.  In my case it did and I skipped a heartbeat or two before I found those instructions.  Good Luck…

  1. Go to Settings->Applications->Development and turn on USB Debugging
  2. Make sure Samsung Kies is installed on the PC to ensure the proper drivers are in place
  3. Download  from
  4. Unzip the contents to a folder on the desktop (Anti virus might need to be disabled)
  5. Plug the phone into computer via USB
  6. Once phone is properly connected, run root.bat in the Unlock folder on desktop
  7. The script will run automatically.
  8. Disconnect the device and reboot.
  9. Verify root by locating SuperUser app.
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