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Transitioning between two screens using Go Launcher

What is a “launcher”?  It is only your main interface to your phone!! The launcher is the interface that gives you access to all the programs on your phone.  If you’re familiar with Windows, it’s like when you click the start button on your computer in the lower left corner and you get a selection of programs to run.  On your Android phone, consider your Start button always pushed.  It’s a program that runs that gives you access to the various programs on your phone.  The only reason you see what you do now on your phone is because the manufacturer put their default launcher there.

The first way to step outside your comfort zone with your phone is to change your launcher.  So before you do that, I’ll tell you the secret it took me a few weeks to learn (and several panic attacks)… how to get back to your default launcher.

Select Settings->Applications->Manage Applications… this allows you to reset the default settings for any program on your phone.  In my case,  I have a Samsung phone that uses TouchWiz (TwLauncher).  You might have to choose All at the top of your screen if it’s preloaded.  If you load a launcher you don’t like, just open it up here, and click the Clear Defaults button and you’ll have a choice between all programs that will do the same thing.

Armed with this information, you can find your new launcher and remove the default settings if you don’t like it.

Knowing that, feel free to download and give Go Launcher a spin.  The only downgrade I’ve found is in the battery department.  All the spiffy transitions tend to use up more battery power than the stock launcher. I’ll write another article soon that spells out all the fun details of Go Launcher.  There are so many features that far exceed any stock interface, there is no reason not use it… especially since it’s free (and we all have endless batteries) 😀

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