Pictures and thoughts

Joseph and Lucia,
I want to share a few photos with you. One is how you probably remember me. Another is when I was in high school. The last two are when we went to California. I look at them frequently.

At the last house in Alabama

At the last house in Alabama

High School
In California

In California

In California

In California

I’ve been thinking of the two of you quite a bit recently. Your grandmother (Momma Mickey) passed away almost two years ago. She had cancer. Her last year was tough. Your grandfather (Papa Gene) died just last November. He had a brain tumor. I was able to be at their bedsides which was very important to me. In fact I took care of my dad in his last week of life. It is a memory I’ll cherish and hold dear to me.
I’ll start posting pictures of your grandparents soon. You never met them, but they loved you none the less. As do I, Michele, Rachael, Melynda, Grootmoeder and Opa Geller, and your new Aunts Elizabeth and Vicki. You even have 3 new cousins. They all live in Europe and I hope to send you pictures of everyone you are related to.

With All My Love,

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