07-20-2014 Home in Richardson

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

After a long time away, I was finally able to come home to Michèle in Richardson.  It was just in time.  She’s suffering from strep throat, so I’m spending the weekend taking care of her.

Yesterday, I had a friend over.  He has a daughter Rachael’s age and they are very close friends.  She’s having a real hard time with her parents being apart.  It is a very similar situation to what I’m going through with missing you two.  We decided it would be a good thing to get together regularly.  If there are more fathers around having a hard time missing their children, they can come too.

This is the best way I can deal without you in my daily life.  I try to go to work everyday and take care of those around me, but it’s still really hard some days.  When your mother made the accusations…  a part of me died.  I really want you to ask me one day.  I have all the records and medical findings.  I’m afraid you have been raised on a huge lie and only time and patience will eventually smooth it over.

Right now, I have Casie Anne on one side of me and Snoop (our cat) on the other.  Michèle is quietly sleeping.  I wish I could, but I don’t.  Maybe it’s that type-A personality I’ve always been told I have. I’m afraid you will both inherit that and I’m only half sorry.  It is a great tool to exceed in life. But, sometimes I feel like a candle burning too brightly and will soon extinguish.

Use your minds.  You are both very smart and gifted.  Use logic.  Question!  Ask Why!  Find answers.  Seek solutions to problems.  Don’t settle for the repeated stories your mother tells. I want so much to share with you what I’ve learned over the years.  Your gifts will take you far, but never forget… the more you learn, the more you realize your own ignorance.  It’s humbling.


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