07-21-2014 In Oklahoma

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

In my last letter to you I made accusations that may or may not be self-evident by the time you find these letters.  I apologize.  It is not my intent to influence your emotions towards your mother.  I have no idea what your lives have been like in the last 8 years or how much she has sacrificed for you.  I based my statements on old emotions and that isn’t fair.  The main point of me writing to you is to share my life as it currently is… not to dredge up the past.

I thought long and hard about changing my post, then decided against it.  They were emotions I felt at the time I wrote them and are real.  It was a slice in time of how I felt at the moment I was writing to you.  I’m not perfect.  But, I hope I can find my faults and make up for them.

Back to the present… I’m back to Oklahoma today.  Like I told you yesterday, Michèle was ill this weekend.  Last evening, I was about a mile from the house, when I decided to turn around and stay there last night.  I just now pulled into work after leaving at 3 in the morning.  It was worth it to make sure she slept well and was looked after.  I hope you can both find a person like this in your lives one day.

I was contacted by a childhood friend of Michèle’s yesterday.  She lives in The Netherlands and has been following these letters. She recommended my retraction I started out with in this letter today.  It was a level of honesty I both appreciated and needed. It was also fun to listen to her and Michèle reminisce about their adventures when they were children.  If I haven’t let you know before, there are hundreds of people that read these letters I write to you every day.  I’m always hoping just one of them will be one of you two.

Well, I should get to work and write some software.  Always know you are forever in my thoughts.



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