07-28-2014 An Open Letter to Gem Baker

Dear Ms. Baker,

I am Joseph Randel’s father. To the best of my knowledge, you are his drama teacher. Without going into too many details, his mother (Mary Randel) sought to prevent me from ever having contact with either him or his sister (Mary Lucia).  Please let me emphasize, that is not my objective with this letter. My only concern is their wellbeing and making sure they are doing OK and well adjusted.  It was through a loophole in the legal system and manipulation on Mary’s part that I am unable to contact either of them directly. With the amount of time that is passed, I am resolved to waiting for them to reach out to me and ask their questions. And until that time I wait and watch.  I write to them every day and share that here in my blog in the hopes they will find me by a name search (it’s now at the top of Google).

My only objective is to possibly hear a snippit of news about their characters and behavior.  I don’t even have a picture that’s newer than 8 years old.

It is likely you have been told by either Mary or someone else that I am to be avoided or report any attempt on my part in contacting you.  I ask you to consider what evidence you have been provided besides hear-say.  There are no documents specifying I’m not allowed to monitor their scholastic progress or communicate with their teachers.  On the contrary, I have several documents exonerating me from any accusations ever made.

The entire story is too involved for a venue like this, but I reach out as a father who is estranged from his children.  Please read my blog to understand my perspective before performing any actions that might only make the situation worse.

If nothing else, help them and encourage them to grow and seek truth. Please give them the love and guidance that I am not allowed.

Sincerely, Mark Randel

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