08-06-2014 Hope

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Every morning on my way into work, I stop by a store and get frozen yogurt with fresh fruit. I’ve made friends with Jeremy who works there.  Today I learned he just recently found his father over Facebook. I pulled over after I left the store and just cried. It can happen.

Get angry at your mother.  Ask questions. When you finally aren’t satisfied with her answers… I’m out here waiting. If you don’t like my responses, there are a whole host of people that will answer your questions.

I’m so full of hope this morning.  If a child abandoned at the age of 1 can find his father, I know you can find me.  I try to make it as easy as possible.   Just look.  I’m here.  I never left you.


P.S.  Today is Papa Gene’s birthday.  First one I haven’t got to tell him in person since we reconciled.  I know he is with me/in me/part of me.  We are reaching out to you to seek answers.

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