08-12-2014 Today is a sad day

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

When I was your age currently, there was a wonderful sitcom I used to watch… Mork and Mindy. The main character was portrayed by Robin Williams.  His sense of humor was incredibly fast.

Last night he died. I’ve had tears in my eyes since I heard. He battled the same demons I do. Depression and addiction. His demons eventually overtook him.

It scares me.  He is possibly one of the most brilliant minds of my time. It terrifies me. I spent two years wrestling after I lost you two from my life. The loss of you in my life has had such an amazing impact.  The remaining six years were spent balancing a fine line of sanity. I’m not sure a reunion would resolve that pain for any of us. This is going to take time.

But, I will make you a promise.  I will be here.  I’m not going anywhere soon.  God gave me this life and I’ll value it.  I’ll be here waiting for you.


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