08-13-2014 A happier note

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I’m aware the last few letters have been about sad things. I want to change the tone.

I’ve talked frequently about Michèle. She is such a positive influence on my life. Every morning at 7:45 we talk on the phone during the week. It is our time to touch base. On the weekends, I do my best to take advantage of every moment we have together. I enjoy her company more than any other. She has been my best friend for the last 8 years.

clip_image002During summer time, we spend as much time as possible by the pool side. It is wonderful to have a fresh brewed cup of coffee on the table waiting for her as the hummingbirds fly by and the dragonflies skim the pool. When the weather cools, we light the fireplace and candles and snuggle on the couch.

I only share this with you to let you know there is a person in my life that I adore, love, and respect. I hope with all my heart you can meet her. She is precious. She already loves you both. She’s patiently listened to all my stories and still asks me for more.

The picture attached was a selfie she took of us as we woke up on a Saturday morning. Her mother had it printed and framed and had it at the wedding on a special table.

Love, hope, and life are not only possible, but achievable. No matter how dark the journey.


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