08-26-2014 Weekend Update

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

It’s been a few days since I last wrote to you.  It was a busy weekend and start to the week.  I rode the train down to Fort Worth again Saturday morning.  Michèle and I spent a while running errands and getting supplies on our way back to Richardson.  We spent the majority of the afternoon building a new computer so Rachael could do her homework.  It’s surprising how quickly computers break down.  After that we put on our new snorkel gear and spent the rest of the evening scrubbing the pool from the inside.  It was great exercise. I know you two would love to swim in it.  It’s beautiful.  We finished off Saturday with an episode of Doctor Who.  I spent most of Sunday doing laundry and installing all the software on the new computer while Michèle and Rachael ran errands for school supplies.  By the time I got back to OKC, I was pooped.

Yesterday at work was very exciting. I finally got my new software functioning after a week of trouble shooting.  There are still some functional bugs and features that need to be added, but the core architecture and feedback loops run properly.  That was the biggest hurdle.  I was at the test cell from the moment I walked in the door till the day was done (which went by amazingly fast).

Last night I went to see the live showing of the new Doctor Who season premiere at the theatre. It was wonderful to see all the kids in costumes.  And again, by the time I got home I wasn’t worth shooting and went to bed.

So this morning is my first chance to take a long deep breath and say hello…  Hello kids.  I hope your weekend was as fun and event filled as mine. It would make me happy to know your lives are full with activities. 

Well, I should get to work and start fixing minor bugs and adding features.  As always, I’m here waiting.



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