08-27-2014 Loved

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I hope to see you both one day. I can’t wait to see how tall you guys have become.  Joseph, when you were young, you were off the statistical charts.  I know you are likely taller than me by now.  Lucia, you come from the same bloodline, but I suspect you inherited more of your physical attributes from me.  Don’t be frustrated if Joseph is always taller than you.  Your inner strength and fortitude more than make up for it. 

I want you both to take care of your mother.  I hope she’s happy now and your home life is full of love.  As much as it pains me not to have you in my daily life, I want your’s to be fulfilling and happy.  That can only happen if your mother is content.  Of course I encourage you to stretch out and explore your new feelings that are coming up through the cracks. But, remember… you have two parents that love you with all their hearts. We just don’t happen to be in the same place or feel the same about each other as we did when you were younger.

Always remember you are loved by more people than you suspect… me among them.  And as always, I’ll be waiting for you.


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