10-16-2014 Coming Clean

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I have to admit that in my last post I pretended that everything was fine on my end.  I lied.  It took me a few days to accept the news and become willing to share it.  At a follow up meeting with my doctor on Monday, they found a growth in my abdomen about the size of a tennis ball that shouldn’t be there.  I haven’t been able to hold down food very well for a few months. Liquids (Gatorade) have been my largest source of caloric intake.  (And Starbuck Smoothies)

I decided to go ahead and go public yesterday and thought it only fair I share this with you.  The support, love, and prayers I’ve received have helped me to stay strong and continue on.  I am so grateful for all the great friends I have. Both in real life and over the internet.

I went for an ultrasound scan today.  They scanned all my organs in my abdomen.  So now I’m left holding my breath until the results come back tomorrow.  I’m hoping its something minor and no reason to be concerned.  But I’m also prepared to face the worst. If that should happen, I won’t waste any more time and come find you immediately.  But, until I know more I’ll be here waiting for you to find me.  I’ll keep you posted.


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