11-28-2014 Thanksgiving hangover

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I ate so much yesterday, I have a food hangover this morning.  Rachael and Melynda were with their father yesterday, so it was just Michèle and I.  We had one guest, another single parent without his daughter.  Instead of turkey, we did a fondue.  Michèle pulled out the fondue pot I inherited from Mom and Dad.  She came up with a fantastic broth and we cooked steak, shrimp, broccoli and mushrooms.  Michèle even did a few scallops.  In all, it was a pleasant and quiet day.

Today is going to be a bit different, too.  Melynda and Rachael are both coming home for dinner.  Instead of turkey, we’re doing a leg of lamb, couscous, roasted root vegetables, mint jelly, and a relish from fresh veggies.  I’ll be sure to take pictures to share with you.

I was so tired last night, my snoring kept Michèle awake and she eventually went to Melynda’s room where she is quietly snoozing now.  Joseph, the only way to keep from snoring is to keep your weight down.  With your share of the Foreman genes, you should be ok, but just know it runs in the family from my side.

The Grinch is still tearing up my Facebook profile.  He keeps trying to make people angry, but everyone seems to enjoy his “salty” view of things.  I sure hope you can learn to be “salty” with a smile.

I should probably make a fresh pot of coffee for Michèle considering it’s 6:30.  She’s likely to be a bit short with me after all my snoring.

So off with you guys. Go enjoy the day. Know that I’ll be here waiting.


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