12-1-2014 Back to Work

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I’m back up in OKC after an extended weekend at home.  It’s cold!

Our Thanksgiving meal of lamb got postponed until Saturday, but the end result was wonderful.  We all ate until we were stuffed.  It was wonderful to have both girls at the table.  They bickered and picked on each other like old times.  It’s amazing that two girls raised in the same house can have two complete different perspectives.  Of course puberty has an incredible effect on behavior.  Poor Rachael is right in the thick of it and can’t wait to stir it up with every conversation.

Michèle and I had a very quiet and peaceful time together in the end. We watched a lot of movies and got the Christmas decorations up.  The only thing left are the lights on the house outside.  We’ll get those up next weekend.

In the mean time, I’m staying in an extended stay hotel for the next few weeks until I can find new living arrangements. I’m interviewing with a place tomorrow, so let’s hope it works out better than the last place. It’s awkward to know everything I have is in my trunk, but I’m glad for the freedom it offers.

So until you reach out, I’ll be here waiting and toiling away in my daily “stuff”.


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