12-09-2014 A Bad Few Days

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I’m sorry to admit the last few days have not been kind to your father. I suspect the medication I’m on has built up. I left early from work yesterday. It’s taking everything I have to stay today.  All I want to do is climb in bed and sleep.  So, there are my issues. I figured honesty is better than anything else.

A friend of mine here at Climatemaster suggested I take more time with Rachael and Melynda.  By spending more time with them, I’ll be ready when you call me. I understand his logic, but they are supreme pains in my butt. I say that with a wink. I care for both of them as if they are my own daughters. I can’t wait for the Holiday meal we can all sit around the table and chat.  Their language is quite a bit more “rough” than what you are used to, but I’ll give them a heads up.  Meal-time conversations are frequently confrontational. Michèle encourages them both to express themselves.  I hope they will understand the difference of upbringing and appreciate the manners you’ve been taught.  I hope you can understand their expressiveness and not be offended.

If I could have my four children all at one table at once, I would bow my head in thanks and never ask for anything else. That is my heart’s desire.

Until then… I’ll wait.


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