12-10-2014 Getting Trolled

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

My blog is getting trolled again. The biggest source is from the US and I hope that it’s you.  The highest amount of hits have been on pictures I posted of you two and your mother during a stay in Texas.  I find it a bit disturbing there have been views from countries I don’t know anyone from (Taiwan and Italy).  Someone in Canada has spent some time browsing around, but I suspect that is Aunt Joan. She’s a sweet and supportive woman.

(If you are reading my blog, please leave a comment or send me a message to aleave my fears)

I had Dad’s car cleaned today.  My room has the maid coming by today. I picked up my laundry yesterday.  It will be nice to have everything clean.  I have a bad habit of getting into a rut and not taking care of things around me.  I sure hope you don’t inherit that trait.

Well, I have a procedure to write and I should get to it.  Enjoy your day and reach out when you’re ready.  I’ll be waiting.


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