12-17-2014 My Dear Lucia

Dear Lucia,

I normally address my letters to you and Joseph. This one is addressed directly to you.  I can feel that these letters are being read.  I can only hope that as you read them, you have an open and exploring mind.

I’ve always loved you dearly and still do. The past several years have been the hardest times of my life.  My saving grace has been the love I get from Michèle. Without that, I would have sunk into a dangerous place.  But with her by my side, I’ve been able to stand up straight and face my issues.  I’m only telling you this to let you know it’s been a battle without you in my life.

The things your mother has told you about me aren’t true.  Just reach out and I’ll show you the documents. Your mother fabricated a story to prevent me from ever seeing you or Joseph again. Question her story. Ask yourself if the memories you have are real or have been fed to you by your mom.

Again, I’ll offer to you a family full of love.  You’re step-mother is an amazing woman. Your step-grandmother (over in Brussels) is equally amazing. There are aunts you’ve never met.  And best of all are your step-sisters.  They are both unique in their own way, but are brilliant and beautiful.  I know you would get along with both of them.

I miss you, Lucia.  I’ll continue to wait for you to reach out.


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