12-18-2014 Good Morning

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

It appears that Michèle got riled up yesterday and posted a justified rant.  I’ve tried to be gentle in my letters, but she was right.  You two are getting abused by your mother. When she tells you about how bad I am all the time, its only a mechanism to prevent you from ever wanting to reach out to me. Parental Alienation Syndrome is real.  The three of us are clear victims.

Lets break out of the cycle.

Lucia, if that’s you from the Woodville school district, send me a message.

Mary, if that’s you having me investigated, get stuffed. I’m not breaking any laws.

Joseph, get strong. I’m sorry you inherited my passive dna.

And if anyone tells me I can’t write these letters, I’ll bring down so much constitutional weight, they never knew what hit them.

Reach out. I’m waiting.


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