12-19-2014 Christmas Break

Dear Joseph & Lucia,

It was brought to my attention I’ve been getting too political on this blog.  It’s true.  This should only be letters to you two.  I have another blog that I’ll start using for my political and emotional outbursts.

I’m excited that after today, I get two weeks off from work.  Michèle already has a list of chores of things around the house that need looking after.  I’m most excited to have a meal ready for her when she gets off work.

There are some really good people I work with. Johnny shares my office. He knows most of the stuff I’m going through and is always supportive.  Debbie in HR is a beautiful person.  She’s the one that recommended I stay on focus and keep the political content out of my letters to you. Steve has been at the company for 28 years. He’s always inspiring.  All the guys in the lab are special in their own way.  Cal (in accounting) is always a good conversationalist.  There are so many good people at my job. I’m blessed.

So until you reach out to me, I’m in good hands and waiting to hear from you.


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2 Responses to 12-19-2014 Christmas Break

  1. Debbie Huggard says:

    Your a beautiful spirit Mark. May God bless you and direct you w/ your relationship w/ your children. And by the way the writing by Michele. Right on! Perfectly written! Children are not complete without both parents. I hope everything changes for you and your family so the children will be able to get to know what a lovely soul you and Michele truly are and that they are missing out on alot of good.

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