01-07-2015 What I do for a Living

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I’m patiently waiting for access to one of the test cells.  We have 7.  Each one is equipped with the ability to completely control all environmental conditions and test an AC unit inside.  What I’m doing is writing the control software that runs all the tests necessary to approve a design for the standards required.  Basically, it runs real big AC units to test a smaller AC unit.

Sadly, there is a long line of units in the queue for testing, so whenever I come up with a new program, I have to wait for an opening in the testing schedule. It gets a bit frustrating at times.  But, it gives me ample time to review my software for possible bugs. Just while typing this out, I realized another possible error I need to check for.

I’ve made a couple mistakes that were pretty cool.  My first was I didn’t reset the control loop on the voltage control and blew up a control board (lightning).  My next time, I accidentally left the heat and humidity on for too long.  When I opened the door, the cold air hit it and it instantly rained inside the cell.  Another time, the humidity was off in a cold cell and I created a huge fog bank.  I’ve also created clouds inside the room under different conditions.

So that is what your old man does for a living these days.  I create lightning, rain, fog and clouds.  I’m looking forward to creating snow one day.

Until I see you guys again, I’ll be waiting.


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1 Response to 01-07-2015 What I do for a Living

  1. garym6059 says:

    That sounds like some interesting work you do!

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