02-08-2015 Quiet Sunday Morning

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

We didn’t make it to the Sing-A-Long last night. Michèle and I went out for a late dinner, but the movie didn’t start until 11 PM.  So we came back to the house to rest up.  By the time we “rested” neither of us felt like going back out and just retired for the night.  We slept fitfully and am sleeping in this morning.

Michèle is still in bed, but I wanted to write to you guys just to say I love you. I managed to get up and scrounge up some breakfast for us and Rachael (who’s still asleep too). I look forward to when you can stay over and I can serve you breakfast.  I don’t know what you like to eat anymore, but I’m fairly good at most breakfasts.  This morning I opted for Starbucks because I was too lazy to cook anything.

Nobody in the house is feeling very good this morning and I’m the only one up.  The house is quiet except for the dog and cat.  I enjoyed watching Casey (the dog) chase squirrels and birds in the back yard. Snoopy (the cat) is full of chirps and purring constantly wanting to be pet.  As I’m writing this, she’s pawing at my arm for me to pet her even more. Otherwise, there’s just the quiet hum of the computer fan and the occasional cycling of the heater. I enjoy mornings like this.

I’ll be heading back up to OKC later today. My train tickets are already booked. Michèle will need to take me over to Fort Worth. It makes for a late evening, but the trip is so much more relaxing on the train.

Oh well. Enough rambling for the morning.  Just know I’m always waiting to serve you breakfast.


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