05-13-2015 Summer plans

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

It looks like Michèle and I are zeroing in our plans for a summer vacation. My high school reunion is in July. We are considering spending the week prior at the beach then the weekend at the reunion. It’s been quite a while since I’ve spent a summer’s day with my feet in the sand.  The last time we went was to Port Aransas to spread your grandparent’s ashes on the beach. That was in a cold February day. We had plenty of time to just wander the beach by ourselves. It was nice.

Maybe this time the crawfish will be in season and I can get a table full.  I’m starting to crave them as I always do this time of year.  We are hoping to take the girls with us. They are both getting to the age where it’s not cool to hang out with the parents. I doubt they would enjoy the reunion either. I would love to have you two with me, but that isn’t likely.

Look. No matter what you’ve been told, I’m a good dad. Melynda and Rachael are examples of that. So are you two. Question what you’ve been taught about me. Look for answers to the accusations that don’t make sense. One day you’ll want to know the truth. Michèle and I are always waiting with the answers.


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