05-14-2015 Another Day

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I won’t lie to you. Living life without you two is difficult. There are several groups out there fighting for equal parenting rights. Even if those laws are passed today, I still wouldn’t stand a chance in seeing you because of several reasons. The first is the divorce decree where the judge determined I was only allowed supervised visitations. (And that company is out of business now) The second is I live in Oklahoma now and it would be a logistical nightmare to make the trip to Woodville. Lastly, I have no idea where you two are emotionally and whether or not you would even want to see me.

As I’ve told you before, Michèle knows the whole story. She was by my side from the very beginning of it all. She can tell you what I will likely be too emotional to share. One day, when you meet her, you will love her. She is the most supportive and caring person I’ve ever met. And best of all, you guys get a second Mum. How cool is that? She already loves you both unconditionally.

All I know is I miss you both so much. I’ll wait. Maybe I’ll visit Woodville soon during the summer just to see the town you live in.


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