06-04-2015 A Letter from Rachael

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I asked Rachael to write to you today. All I got was a bunch of teenage attitude saying NO!!! She really is a nice girl I’m sure you will get along with when we finally all get together. Until then, she’s going to be 16 and a pain in my butt. I wouldn’t be too surprised to learn the same doesn’t apply to the two of you.

I’m patient.

And I’ll wait.

The hot water is repaired. We have fans blowing all over the house to prevent mold. I finally got my unemployment figured out so I’m only one person. Applying in two states tends to confuse the issue.

Lastly, I miss you both so much. Last night I cried and it confused Michele. There are just times I wish I could put you to bed and rub your cheeks. I miss you so much it makes me cry. So I’ll cry and I hope Michele understands. I’m your daddy and I’ll always wait for you.


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