06-05-2015 Saturday Morning

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

We dropped Rachael off for her SAT exam this morning. She is a year advanced and already taking college classes. It made me wonder how close your are Joseph. It won’t be long before you start that trek.

Lucia, you start high school this year. I’m sure you’re excited.  I sure hope your brother didn’t destroy any rep you might be coming in with. I also hope he provides you rides in his car as any good older brother should.

We went to the lake after we dropped of Rachael and walked for a while. It was nice. I Skyped with your grandmother and your cousin.

My neighbor has a very active German Shepherd. They just got it back from training and asked me to come over to see how it worked. My goodness. I’ve never appreciated my dog more. This dog has more energy and size. He is quite the handful. I got the full smell down from Casey Anne when I came back.

I’ve made Michele lunch and plan to go pick up Rachael soon.

I think of you two all the time and miss you both. Still waiting,


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