01-01-2016 It’s a New Year

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

Again, I’ve been reluctant to write to you. It’s difficult. It only reminds me of how much I miss you two. I really wish you could have been here for Christmas. Your presents were under the tree with all the rest.

Christmas Eve was Rachael’s birthday. She asked for Harley Quinn comic books. I found several graphic novel versions at the local comic store. Michèle got her a sweater and some other fuzzy things. For her birthday cake, she asked for Tres Leches. Just for fun, I made two cakes. The first was a Tres Leches from scratch which I hid in the fridge. The second was an ugly blue batter cake with bright orange frosting and rainbow colored star sprinkles. I told her it was the best recipe I could find on the internet. Sadly, the joke didn’t work since she had already seen her real cake in the fridge while foraging for food. I took the “other” cake up to the group to share on Christmas day, but no one would eat any it was so ugly.

Melynda came over for a short while in the afternoon and we all went to get sushi for Rachael’s birthday. Mel had to work so she left early. Rachael’s dad picked her up Christmas morning and they all went up to Oklahoma for some time with his relatives up there.

Michèle and I have been on our own for the majority of the vacation time. I’ve been busy making all kinds of food for us. I made a breakfast bake that lasted for several days. I also made a Shepard’s pie which was delicious.

I’m trying to wear my Fitbit again. It’s hard for me to exercise given my physical condition, but I’m going to try to tone what I’ve got left. It’ll be hard. Just going to the store is enough to wipe me out for a while.

We got Casey (the dog) a new toy. It’s a rubber chicken that squeals when you squeeze it. Poor dog is terrified of it and she started to cry when we tried to play with it. She likes a toy that squeaks, but not one that squeals I guess.

We had a chance to Skype with the family over in Brussels. Your cousins are growing up quickly. All three were there along with your grandmum and aunt. It was a bit crazy with all the kids showing off their new toys and artwork. It’s seven hours later there than us, so it’s always a late night for them when we do get in touch.

New Years was a quiet event. We were asleep before 10. Not quite the party animals.

Oh well. It’s time to get up and around for the day. I’ve got a noon meeting to make. Later today I’m meeting with my sponsor and we have a party we’re hosting tonight. So it looks like it’s going to be a busy day. I’m always thinking of you guys and waiting to hear from you. Never be shy to drop a comment or send me an email.

Love, Dad


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