01-02-2016 A Few Photos from Last Year

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

This is going to go a little backwards since I went through the photo’s from the bottom up.

The first picture is of the Christmas tree.  If you look closely you can see your presents underneath it.

The next photo is when Michèle and I went on a mini-vacation for our anniversary back in July. We just went for the weekend to a lake near us and stayed in a nice hotel. There was lots of unique shopping and restaurants all around.  We rode on a HUGE catamaran around the lake. We enjoyed ourselves quite a bit.

Another one of our favorite things to do is eat sushi.  There’s a nice place right around the corner from my group we go to every now and then to treat ourselves to something special.  That’s where we took Rachael for her birthday on Christmas Eve.

Lastly, Michèle got us tickets to go see Jimmy Buffet and Huey Lewis.  It was surprising how many of Huey’s songs we knew. We just sang and sang.  By the time Jimmy got to the stage we were wore out and ended up leaving early before his famous “Margaritaville”.  Besides, the parrot heads started to get pretty riled up and crazy.  We are just getting too old for those kinds of scenes.

We had a huge dinner last night.  Michèle had originally planned to have some friends from work over and we expected Rachael to bring some friends over.  So we cooked a big ham.  I made Au Gratin potatoes from scratch.  There were black eye peas, asparagus, cranberry relish and fresh biscuits.  But all our plans fell through. No one came over and Rachael stayed over at her friends.  The result was a huge table of food for just the two of us.  At least I know what we’ll be eating for the next few days.

With that thought, I need to get around and make us something to eat for brunch.  I wish I could share our table with you guys.  Until that day, I’ll wait to hear from you.


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