A Letter to Mary Esther Randel

Dear Mary,

I post this online as a result of you not accepting any communication from me and pretending I don’t know where you are.  I’m perfectly aware there is a good chance either Joseph or Lucia will find this first, so I’ll be careful with my words.  I also suspect even though you denounce the internet, you likely know someone that is keeping tabs on my online escapades.  So it’s not doubtful you’ll be aware of this posting soon enough

First. Let me establish some facts.

  • I have no intention of attempting to remove the children from your primary care. That would be devastating to them. Despite knowing where you are, I’ve left you at peace. The only intrusion was to make sure the children were OK.
  • There is no ruling or finding saying I can’t just pop into town and ask about the children. The only legal specification is supervised visitation. I’ve only done it once when I happened to be near the area. Your actions of contacting the local authorities showed me there is still a strong paranoia in you. I dealt with the authorities easily enough by communicating with them logically.
  • There is absolutely no evidence to back up your original accusations. As a matter of fact, there were three separate investigations that disproved everything you accused me of. I have it in writing.

Mary, by denying Joseph and Lucia the right to communicate with me, you are only perpetuating another generation of fear and anger.  The exact thing you tried so hard to escape from. The emotional toll from all these events has been harsh on me. It’s taken me 8 years to stand up and say “enough”.

By now you should have received all the funds from the arrears pay-off.  That money is meant for the children.  But more importantly, that was my inheritance from my parents. So keep that in mind when you dip into it.  Gene Arnold Randel and Mickey Ann Randel worked their entire lives and never stopped loving me.  When Dad finally passed away in November, I was included as a full third in the will alongside of my two brothers.  This came at the cost of standing up to you and losing all contact with Joseph and Lucia. Also, you got the lion share of my portion.  I have just enough left to take Michèle back to Belgium and have a formal wedding with her family.

So in conclusion, I live a relatively stable life with a supportive wife and her family.  I would very much like to include Joseph and Lucia as part of that either by visits or at least phone.  I have no intention of “donating” a bunch of money to lawyers to make this happen even if I had it.  Ultimately it’s your choice. Mary Esther Foreman Randel… do you really want to continue this insanity? Or can you come to grips with what is real?

Your Ex-Husband,
Mark Allen Randel

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2 Responses to A Letter to Mary Esther Randel

  1. Mark says:

    Well I guess by the long slow breeze of no response I have my answer. Mary, you should feel safe in the fact I don’t want to disrupt Joseph and Lucia’s lives. You should also be ashamed in the actions you took to prevent them from having a father. Shame on you, Mary Esther Randel!

    As always, I’m waiting for them to contact me. I have a home, family, and life to share. You are the only one preventing them from it.

  2. garym6059 says:

    Good Luck, I thought my ex was a horrible person. Keep fighting!

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