06-28-2014 Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I’m at home and have access to more pictures from my hard drives here.  I promised you pictures of your Papa Gene and Momma Mickey.  These were taken in Ardmore after you went to Lake Charles.  They came to visit on a vacation.  Dad helped me finish installing the toilet and bathtub in the bath room.

IM001907 IM001908

Your Papa Gene was a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force. He was very wise.  He had many “suggestions” on how to do things.  You can find his obituary here. Momma Mickey was very caring and smart. After they retired, she worked at Dillards just to occupy her time. She and I would stay up late in philosophical debates.

I’m having a quiet day with Michèle.  We worked on the pool for a while (a never ending project) then went swimming.  At least I did. The water is still too cold for Michèle.

Off to make dinner.


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