06-30-2014 Lunchtime

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I had a wonderful weekend in Dallas.  I spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening binge watching the latest Doctor Who episodes on NetFlix.  It was a blast.  I used to watch the old Doctor Who as a kid in England.  The recent versions have really improved the story lines and production value.

After my lazy Saturday, I spent most of Sunday morning cleaning and preparing for the trip.  That was the last time I’ll see Michèle until we meet up in Charlotte for the connecting flight on Thursday. By noon, I was ready for a break and jumped into the pool.  The water is still a little cool, but it was refreshing.  There were a couple of dragonflies about.  Did you know if you are deep enough in a pool and hold your finger up, they will land on it and just hang out for a while.


I showed you a picture of Casey Anne last week. Well I dug up a few more to share with you.  In the first one she is on the back patio watching for squirrels.  That is one of her favorite things to do.  The second picture was a hilarious moment I had to capture.  I was home alone and was suddenly aware Casey hadn’t bugged me recently.  I went through the house and finally found her.  She had snuck into Melynda’s bedroom and accidently closed herself in.  This is how she looked when I found her.  She ran to the office and just sat there.  You can almost read her mind in the picture… “I’m so embarrassed. Will you please take these underwear off me.”


That’s all for today.  I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to write over the next few days.  It promises to be hectic getting my car out of the shop and making final preparations for everything.


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