09-10-2014 Pets

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

The last weekend was tough with the passing of Tina, my house-mate. The rest of us have done a lot of introspective soul searching this week as a result.  There was one thing that we missed… her cat.  He hasn’t been seen since Saturday.  Last night, he finally showed up.  I put some food out for him in my room. He feasted like a king.  He stayed the night with me and took up most of the bed.  When I left for work this morning, he was till lounging on my bed.  I have the strange feeling I’ve become the new master of a wonderful cat.

Back in Richardson, there’s already a primary cat called Snoop.  Whenever I’m home, she is always wanting to lay in my lap.  Where Buddy is strong and muscular, Snoop is soft and lazy.  I love the differences.  They both will start purring as soon as they get near me. 

577730_2739602028464_1935884853_n_thumb.jpgThe last animal in my life is Casey Anne.  I’ve told you about her before.  She is the most affectionate dog I’ve ever had.  She will literally hug you given the chance.  She has a wonderful habit of flopping her head on your stomach just for petting.  When I’ve cried, she nuzzled into me to help comfort me.  If I don’t pay attention to her, she’ll shove her nose under my hand for petting.  She’s tall enough to stand on her hind legs and hug you.  She is the most affectionate dog ever. 

I hope you can find it in your hearts to seek me out and come stay with me for a while so you can meet these wonderful creatures.  Once you befriend any of them, they are all loyal and loving.

As always, I’m here waiting. My home is open with room for both of you.


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