02-05-2015 Weekend Plans

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

slider-twpI’m looking forward to this weekend. I didn’t go home last weekend due to a bad case of the flu. So, it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been home.

I have tickets booked for the Heartland Flyer. It’s a train between OKC and Fort Worth.  It’s a wonderful way to commute.  There’s no need to worry about bad traffic or paying attention to the road.  I’ll get to sit back and watch a movie or two and just relax.

I have tickets booked for a Rocky Horror Picture Show Sing-a-long for Saturday night.  I was Lucia’s age the first time I went to see it live.  It’s bawdy and rambunctious.  The film itself isn’t very good, but the music is awesome.  The fun part is the catcalls during the film. I hope to share this experience with you two one day. It had a large impact on me when I was your age.

I might go for some shwarma with Michèle.  I’ve missed it.

Until next time, I’ll be waiting.


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