02-06-2015 I’ve Never Given Up

Dear Joseph and Lucia,

I just want you to know that I’ve never given up on you two.

After the divorce, I was ordered to stay away from you guys.  I can only know what’s happening with you through grade cards.  And even those have all the location information whited out.

I recently tried to get more information, but the law is preventing me. It’s very frustrating. Every time I think there is a way to reach you, I’m stopped.  I don’t have enough money for a lawyer, so I’m just swinging things on my own.

If your cousin in New Iberia is reading this, I hope she will let you know I think about you two every day.  It’s not easy being a father without his children. I love you two so very much.

My only avenue is to write these letters to you openly in the hopes that one day you will know how much I care for you. Until then, just know I’ve been waiting.


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